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BSC Components

BSC Components is a Behrent's house brand containing a selection of affordable, quality race car parts and driver accessories. From BSB Components brake lines that ensure you come to a complete stop on pit road, to oil coolers built to maintain the temperature in a high-performance engine, we carry the parts and hardware you need to achieve positive race day results.

BSC Components makes lightweight aluminum radiators for dirt modifieds, late models, and everything in between. Repair and maintain the radiator with a fan shroud, hose clamp, or water heater unit. Stock your shop or garage with BSC Components hardware and parts to repair damage and get your race car back into top running shape, including plug kits, rivets, bearings, jam nuts, spacers, and seals. Keep a stash of BSC Components zip ties and racers tape in the pit to tighten wires or secure loose parts for a quick fix when it matters the most. Count on Behrent's Performance Warehouse when you need sturdy, reliable BSC Components parts and hardware for your race car.

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