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Diversified Machine Inc.

DMI and Bulldog innovations have changed the industry. The old adage of when others ask why, DMI says why not certainly fits. DMI introduced the first threaded front hub dust cap and has the patent to prove it. DMI's Strato-Shifter assembly is simple yet innovative. DMI was the first to offer easy one number ordering for complete race kits. DMI were the first manufacturer to offer replaceable hard anodized aluminum inserts in the torque ball assembly. DMI's wing valve features flow unmatched by their competitors. Additionally, Bulldog has changed the quick change rear end game. Once again simple but effective measures have made using a rear easier than ever. Bulldog was the first to offer a ready to use rear end. The Bulldog XR-2 was a revolutionary concept to a quick change rear. DMI was the first to utilize an o-ringed gear cover. Lastly, what many of their competitors call options is standard equipment for DMI.
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