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MYLAPS Sports Timing

In 1982, the founders of MYLAPS decided that stopwatches and thumbs were unreliable tools to time a race. They took their knowledge and experience with RC cars and put their technical expertise to work, creating automatic sports timing equipment that was reliable and easy to use. MYLAPS transponders and timing equipment can be found at high-performance professional sports events including NASCAR, Motocross, Ironman Triathlon, the Boston Marathon, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Olympics. Behrent's carries MYLAPS transponders and holders in assorted styles and designs so you can find the right unit for your needs.

MYLAPS continues to manufacture and design products that combine technology and sports to ensure accuracy at every turn. Explore the MYLAPS transponders and sports timing equipment at Behrent's Performance Warehouse and find options to record your laps, pits, and race times so you can continue to improve.

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Will MYLAPS transponders work without a subscription?
No, MYLAPS transponders will not work without a subscription. Renew and reactivate your MYLAPS subscription annually to ensure continued timing accuracy.

How long does a MYLAPS transponder battery last?
When fully charged, a MYLAPS transponder battery can last for up to four days.