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Since it was founded in 1993, QA1 has been providing shock absorbers, suspension components, springs, rod ends, ball joints, tools, and parts to keep cars running in top condition on the road or on the track. QA1 prides itself on bringing reliable parts to the masses that both drivers and mechanics can rely on. QA1 uses special machines and tools to check the integrity of its products through each step of the building process. Each QA1 shock, spring, and strut is dyno tested and serialized to ensure a smooth, consistent ride every time.

QA1 parts are made for a variety of markets, including circle track, dirt, drag, and street racing, and cars from late model to modified. Whether you are looking for improved ride quality, show-stopping appearance, or faster lap times, QA1 delivers. Explore the QA1 shocks, springs, and suspensions at Behrent's Performance Warehouse and find the parts you need to get the job done on race day and beyond.

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Where are QA1 parts made?
Each QA1 part from shock to rod end is made in the USA at its state-of-the-art facility in Lakeville, Minnesota.