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Strange Oval

Strange Oval—a division of Strange Engineering—manufactures driveline and suspension components for high-performance vehicles for all forms of auto racing and oval track racing, including Late Model and Modifieds. Explore the range of performance racing driveshaft and drivetrain components, including Drive shafts, U-joints, and yokes. This manufacturer ensures quality is at the forefront of everything they do—solidifying them as an industry leader. With a focus on innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing, it's clear why Strange Oval's driveline components are favored by oval track drivers—and even Ford Racing CUP teams.
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How long has Strange Oval been in business?
The Oval Track division of Strange Engineering, Strange Oval, started in 2012 in an effort to expand into the drag racing and oval track markets. Strange Engineering has been around much longer—since 1964.

What regular maintenance does a racing driveshaft require?
Racing puts stress on driveline components, leading to wear that can affect performance. Inspect your driveline regularly to ensure the components, including drive shaft, U-joints, and yokes, are not showing signs of excessive wear or damage. Examine parts and replace as stress or damage becomes apparent to prevent broken driveshafts, premature transmission or rearend wear, and various driveshaft failures.