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Wilson Manifolds

For over 30 years, Wilson Manifolds has consistently helped its customers to set records, win poles, races, and championships in all major categories of professional motor sports. Wilson Manifolds customers have claimed titles in the NASCAR Busch Series, NASCAR Busch North, NASCAR Super Truck, ARCA Re-Max, NMRA Drag Radial, NMRA and NMCA Series, NSCA Series, Fun Ford Weekend Series, Western Late Model, Off Road Trucks, Super Boat LTD, and others. When you buy Wilson Manifolds products, there is no compromise in engineering or manufacturing. This means that you will receive the highest quality and most reliable components available anywhere. When you run Wilson Manifolds products, we're on your team. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible customer service and technical support available for our products. Find out how Wilson Manifolds can help you win!
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