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Dist Gm Opti-Spark Ii 94.5-97

  • Part Number: ACC59125
  • $393.95

Usually Ships In 3-5 Business Days


Why you need an ACCEL 59125 GM Opti-Spark II Performance Replacement Distributor

ACCEL Performance Replacement Distributors are the perfect choice for your daily driver or street machine. Using all new components, these distributors feature: High performance ACCEL Electronics. All new components-housings are either new castings or turned from billet stock, centerless ground shaft with oil lite bushings. High dielectric strength cap, balanced rotor. Male tower distributor cap with brass cap and rotor contacts (Ford and AMC Models feature screw mounted wire retainer for the ultimate plug wire retention). Iron or steel distributor gear. Direct plug in replacement with factory type connectors for plug and play installation.


  • Direct Plug In Factory Replacement Plug And Play
  • High Dielectric Strength Thermoplastic Cap With Brass terminals
  • Cap is Sealed to Eliminate Corrosion
  • Cap is Vented to Remove Captured Heat
  • Cap Traces Are Overmolded To Eliminate Arc Over
  • Rotor Blade Is Coated For Longer Life
  • High strength dielectric glass filled cap with brass contacts
  • All new unit with new hardware

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