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Aeromotive 13113 Single Spring Belt/Hex Drive EFI Regulator, 40-100 psi

  • Name: Single Spring Belt/Hex Drive EFI Regulator 40-100 psi Aeromotive
  • Part Number: AER13113
  • Brand: Aeromotive
  • $379.95

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Aeromotive Belt Drive Pump EFI Regulator 13113 - Ultra-High Flow EFI Regulator, adjustable from 40-100 PSI. Engineered for our Belt-Drive and Hex-Drive Fuel Pumps, the Belt Drive EFI Regulator is suitable for engines making up to 4,000 HP on gasoline and is compatible with gasoline and methanol. Perfect for any mechanically driven EFI fuel pump developing over 200 GPH at EFI pressure. Base pressure adjustable from 40-100 PSI. References Vacuum/Boost on a 1:1 ratio. Includes two boost line adapters, one barbed for rubber hose, the other for AN-04 braided line. (Prevents blow-off in high boost applications). Ports available for nitrous fuel supply, pressure gauges and transducers. (4) ORB-08 inlet ports, (1) ORB-10 inlet port and (1) ORB-10 return port.

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