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Aeromotive 11105 6 GPM Billet Belt Drive Mechanical Fuel Pump (See P/N 17140 or 17241 for pump with mounting bracket, pulleys and hardware.)

  • Name: 6 GPM Billet Belt Drive Mech Fuel Pump See P/N 17140 or 17241 for pump w MT brack-pulleys-hardware
  • Part Number: AER11105
  • Brand: Aeromotive
  • $570.81

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Aeromotive Billet Belt Drive Fuel Pump 11105 - Zero amperage draw, less weight, and more flow! The Aeromotive Billet Belt Drive Fuel Pump was designed to solve fuel delivery problems in high horsepower, forced-induction EFI applications, as well as the now popular, carbureted applications on gas or methanol. Proven performance, powering some of the world's fastest EFI vehicles. Supports up to 3600 HP gas, 1800 HP methanol. Compact size facilitates easy mounting. Billet aluminum CNC-machined body, not 'cast'. ORB-10 inlet and outlet ports. For EFI applications use regulator P/N 13113. Carbureted gasoline applications require regulator P/N 13202 or P/N 13212. Alcohol applications require Double Adjustable Regulator P/N 13209 or 13214. Bracket and Cog Pulley sold separately. (see Accessories). Available as a kit (P/N 17140) includes: Pump, Bracket and Pump Pulley. Note: Electric Priming Kit available - P/N 17301 (see Accessories).

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