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Aeromotive System, Fuel, Phantom 200, Return Style Carb (Includes Phantom 200, Filter, Filter Bracket, Regulator, Wiring Kit, Gauge, Fittings)

  • Name: System Fuel Phantom 200 Return Style Carb (Includes Phantom 200 Filter Filter Bracket Regulator Wiri
  • Part Number: AER17255
  • Brand: Aeromotive
  • $1,503.95

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Aeromotive Carbureted Phantom 200 Kit 17255 - These new Phantom Carbureted Fuel Systems include all main fuel system components required to create a proper carbureted fuel system, including the desired Phantom Baffled Fuel Pump Kit with a 200 LPH fuel pump. Each system ships with the proper carbureted bypass fuel pressure regulator, high flow billet fuel filter, filter mounting bracket, plus all the required port fittings and o-rings, the deluxe wiring kit (not shown) and Aeromotive fuel pressure gauge. Ideal for naturally aspirated and blown, carbureted engines producing from 300- 900 plus flywheel Horse Power, on the street or at the track. AN-08 Style fuel hose and hose-ends are required for the installation of a fuel supply and return line, sold separately and not included. This kit contains the following parts: 1ea p/n 18689 Phantom 200, 1ea p/n 12321 Filter 10 micron Paper, 1ea p/n 12305 Filter Bracket, 1ea p/n 13204 Regulator, ByPass, Carb., 1ea p/n 16307 Fuel Pump Wiring Kit., 3 ea p/n 15606 AN-06 ORB to AN-06 flare, 1 ea p/n 15607 AN-08 ORB to AN-08 flare, 3 ea p/n 15610 AN-10 ORB to AN-08 flare, 1ea p/n 15626 AN-06 Port Plug, 2ea p/n 15649 AN-06 ORB to AN-08 flare and 1 ea p/n 15632 0-15 PSI Pressure Gauge.

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