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Aeromotive 12334 Filter w/ Dual Outlet, 10-m Fabric Element, In-Line, ORB12 Inlet / Outlet plus ORB-08 Outlet, Nickel-Chrome, 2-1/2" OD

  • Name: Filter w/ Dual Outlet 10-m Fabric Element In-Line ORB12 Inlet / Outlet plus ORB-08 Outlet Nickel-Chr
  • Part Number: AER12334
  • Brand: Aeromotive
  • $264.64

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Aeromotive Dual Outlet Oil/Fuel Filter ORB-12 12334 - New Dual Outlet Oil/Fuel Filters with secondary outlet port. The new fuel/oil filters eliminate the need for additional fittings and y-blocks allowing you to feed separate systems from one filter. Features 10-Micron filter element. P/N 12334 features ORB-12 inlet and outlet ports with ORB-08 secondary port. Port plug for secondary port included.

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