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Aeromotive 11209 High Output (HO) (7 PSI) Billet Carbureted Fuel Pump (3/8 “ NPT) ports

  • Name: High Output (HO) (7 PSI) Billet Carbureted Fuel Pump (3/8 ? NPT) ports
  • Part Number: AER11209
  • Brand: Aeromotive
  • $249.80

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Aeromotive H/0 Fuel Pump – 3/8 NPT 11209 - Ideal for carbureted power plants not using a separate fuel pressure regulator. The H/O Fuel Pump is designed for engines making 200-600 HP and is ideal for street cars and mild race cars alike. Similar to our SS Fuel Pump (P/N 11203), but internally regulated to 7 PSI. P/N 11209 features 3/8' NPT inlet and outlet ports. Durable billet construction. Fuel flow exceeds 90 GPH at 5 PSI and draws less than 5 amps. Internally regulated to 7 PSI, eliminating the need for a separate regulator on most carburetors. Rated for continuous duty, the pumping mechanism features a composite rotor, stainless steel vanes and heat treated steel top and bottom plates for durability.

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