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Aeromotive Wiring Kit, Fuel Pump, Deluxe

  • Name: Wiring Kit Fuel Pump Deluxe Aeromotive
  • Part Number: AER16307
  • Brand: Aeromotive
  • $164.95

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Aeromotive Premium Fuel Pump Wiring Kit 16307 - Parts included in kit: 1ea 30 Amp 12 VDC Automotive Relay, 1ea 30 Amp 12 VDC Circuit Breaker, 2ea Yellow Insulated Butt Connector, 2ea Yellow Ring Connector for #10 Stud, 1ea Yellow Ring Connector for 3/8” Stud, 18ft 10ga. Fuel Pump Power/Ground Wire, 4ft 10ga. Red + Battery Wire, 10ft 16ga. Red Trigger Wire, 1ft 10ga. Black Ground Wire, 12ea 6 inch cable ties, 3ea Self-Drilling Screws Tools required for installation: Electrical terminal crimping tool 5/16” nut driver.

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