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Bert 510 10 Degree 6 Pin Short Left Hand Combination Spindle

  • Name: BERT SPINDLE 10' LEFT HAND COM. - 6 P.S. Bert Transmission
  • Part Number: BER510
  • Brand: Bert Transmission
  • $585.18
  • List Price: $596.11
  • You Save: 2%

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Bert Spindle 10' Left Hand Com. - 6 P.S. 510 - Choose your winning spindle combination. Built with space age technology, you now have the largest choice of straight axle spindles on the market. (A.) Available in 3 snout size (1) 6 pin long (2) 6 pin short (3) Wide five. (B.) 3 Different King Pin Axles (1) The popular 10° inclination (2) The hot pavement pair at 4° lefthand and 6° righthand (3) Left hand combination. Drag link and steering arm incorporated into spindle bosses. (C.) Unique serrated lefthand arm for adjustment permits quick and safe left wheel turning speed adjustments. (D.) All spindle bosses are presized and honed to fit popular .859 king pins. (E.) Bert gun drilled lightweight king pins are also available. In case of racing mishaps causing spindle damage, spindles can be disassembled for repair with new parts, snouts, arms, bosses, & etc.

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