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Six-Pack: Mopar Street Muscle in the '60s

  • Name: Six-Pack: Mopar Street Muscle in the '60s
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There is no automotive decade in history that matches the '60s. The rule of the day was performance, and American auto manufacturers were tripping over themselves trying to come up with the hottest new performance theme to gain an advantage in the minds and wallets of potential customers. While crazy colors and dealership promotions like Chrysler's Rapid Transit System were all well and good, Chrysler Corporation really grabbed enthusiasts' attention with the actual performance options on their vehicles. One of the wildest of these options was the "Six-Pack". The Six-Pack option, available on certain models and engines, included 3 two-barrel carburetors. Not only did this arrangement look impressive, but it also produced some impressive horsepower figures and was bolted onto some of the most legendary engines Chrysler ever produced. This book covers not only the engines, but also the cars they came in, the development history, advice for tuning and modifying, and information on other Chrysler performance models.


  • Paperback: 128 pages

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