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Earls Perform-O-Flex Braided Hose, Size 20, 10 Feet

  • Name: 10 Ft. -20 Perform-O-Flex CHECK 400200ER Earls
  • Part Number: EAR410020
  • Brand: Earl's Performance Plumbing
  • $277.95

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Earl's PERFORM-O-FLEX stainless braid-protected synthetic rubber hose is the premium quality racing hose depended on by the top racing teams of every professional sanctioning body in the world. PERFORM-O-FLEX features an inner liner of synthetic rubber. A partial coverage protective sheath of stainless steel braid is embedded in the liner during manufacturing. The reinforced hose liner is then bonded to a full-coverage outer protective sheath of high tensile stainless steel wire braid. Tougher than this, hose doesn’t get. Yet Perform-O-Flex, with its inner liner, remains flexible at temperatures between -40 and +350 degrees F. Racing Greats have depended on PERFORM-O-FLEX hose and SWIVEL-SEAL hose ends since 1972. Perform-O-Flex hose is intended for use with Swivel-Seal, Auto-Fit and Auto-Crimp hose ends only. No other Earl's hose ends are intended for use with Perform-O-Flex hose. The use of other manufacturer’s hose ends is not recommended. PSI rating is determined by many factors including hose end in use and assembly method.

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