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Fram Hp Series Oil Filters HP-1

  • Part Number: FRAHP-1
  • Brand: Fram
  • $16.95
  • List Price: $17.95
  • You Save: 6%

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Frams HP Series filters are just for performance and racing use. The spin-on filters can trap very small micron-sized particles that cause most engine wear. All filters have an anti-drainback valve with a maximum flow rate.

Type: Full-Flow Lube Spin-on

Anti-Drain Valve: Yes

Gasket Inner Diameter (in.): 2.42 inches

Gasket Outter Diameter (in.): 2.81 inches

Gasket Thickness (in.): .33 inches

Gasket Usage: Base

Product Height (in.): 5.75 inches

Product Inner Diameter (in): 3/4-16 Th'd

Product Outter Diameter (in.): 3.67 inches

Relief Valve Setting PSI: 22

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