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G-Force Pro Series Latch & Link 5-Point Individual Harness Set - Pull Down, Black

  • Part Number: GFO6000BK
  • Brand: G Force Racing
  • $74.99

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G-Force Pro Series Latch & Link 5-Point Individual Harness Set - Pull Down, Black

The G-Force Pro Series Racing Harness belts are constructed of a PolyTeck low-stretch webbing that out perform other harnesses in safety and comfort.

All Pro Series harness sets have speed tabs for easy release and grip rolls for tensioning, allowing simple adjustment even while suited up with a helmet restraint. G-Force Pro Series belts all feature a SFI rating of 16.1.

Only G-Force uses 3" wide bolt-end hardware instead of the standard 2" used by other manufacturers. At the point of failure, 3" hardware withstands almost 2,000 pounds more than 2" hardware.

Note: "Pull-Up" and "Pull-Down" indicate the direction that tightens lap belt adjusters. For example, a pull-up lap belt adjuster is best for dragsters because it is easier and safer to tighten belts upward (towards the Latch & Link) rather than downward in such a small cockpit.


  • Overall Length (in.): 50
  • Belt Adjustment: Pull down
  • Belt Color: Black
  • Belt Material: Polyester
  • Belts Included: Lap, shoulder, and anti-submarine belts
  • Harness Type: Complete harness
  • Lap Belt Width (in.): 3
  • Latch Style: Latch
  • Number of Mounting Points: 5-point
  • Shoulder Belt Width (in.): 3
  • Shoulder Harness Type: Individual shoulders
  • Submarine Belt Width (in.): 2
  • Safety Rating: SFI 16.1
  • Mounting Location: Floor/Roll bar
  • Mounting Style: Bolt-in

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