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Hypercoil 186A0800 2.25 I.D. 6" Race Spring

  • Name: Hypercoil Blue
  • Part Number: HYP186A0800
  • Brand: Hyperco
  • $91.02
  • List Price: $98.17
  • You Save: 7%

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Why you need a Hyperco 2.25in. x 6in. 800 Pound Coil Spring

Properly engineered and manufactured suspension coils will not lose free length or installed height under normal racing conditions. Hyperco uses high-end, computerized scale test equipment that confirms and ensures accuracy and consistency. Rate and load testing in .050" increments in tabular and graph form validate spring load per unit of deflection. Hyperco also utilizes a unique "Axial Load" scale to measure dynamic load performance. The material used in producing Hypercoils undergoes two separate magnaflux inspections. Once before manufacture and once again after coiling. This ensures the wire is free from surface imperfections which, if gone undetected, could lead to spring failure.


  • Accurate & Consistent Rates
  • Consistent Free Lengths and Installed Heights
  • Maximium Deflection
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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