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Impact Draft TS SA2015 Racing Helmet

  • Name: Impact Draft TS Helmet 2015 Snell
  • IMP19715



Impact Draft TS SA2015 Racing Helmet

Featuring our exclusive wide eye port, Impact’s Draft TS offers an exceptional range of front and peripheral vision, while providing cooling and fog free ventilation with integrated crown and chin bar vents.

The extended wicker bill captures downward airflow to reduce helmet lifting and buffeting while our “Intelligent Gray Matter” liner (a variable-density, single-piece helmet liner) is upholstered with fire retardant soft-knit Nomex for the ultimate in comfort. 

Interchangeable cheek pads offer a customized fit and can be quickly and easily changed out with Impact’s various cheek pads available in a wide range of thicknesses and configurations. 

The Impact Draft TS helmet is finished with a fire-retardant Kevlar chin strap with a dual D-Ring closure and our 1/8” polycarbonate shield with three-position detent.


  • Made in the USA
  • Snell SA2015 Certified
  • Shell construction featuring proprietary American space-age Carbon-Kevlar tri-weave composite.
  • Extended chin foil captures downward airflow to reduce helmet lift and buffeting.
  • Integrated crown and chin bar vents.
  • Impact's wide eye port for great vision area.
  • Gray Matter fire-resistant covered liner made of Impact's "intelligent" single piece variable-density core.
  • Interchangeable cheek pads for a perfect fit (comes with std cheek pads, other sizes are extra).
  • Fire-resistant Kevlar chinstrap with locking dual D-ring design.
  • .125" Clear Shield comes standard with 3 position detent.

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