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Jaz 391-251-03 12-Bolt Fill Valve / Check Valve Flapper

Jaz 391-251-03 12-Bolt Fill Valve / Check Valve Flapper
  • Part Number: JAZ391-251-03
  • Brand: Jaz
  • $82.39
  • List Price: $87.95
  • You Save: 6%

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12-Bolt Fill Valve/Check Valve Flapper This 12-bolt Fill Valve with Check Valve Flapper can be retrofitted to bolt onto any our standard 12-hole pattern cap assemblies. It has a 2-1/4" O.D. fill tube and twist-lock cap. It features a bolted-in plastic flapper for rollover protection and comes standard with an AN-10 Tip Over Valve Vent fitting. Designed to be used on fuel cells with or without who require rollover protection, but do not want the extra cost of a spring-loaded flapper. Fuel cells built with this new filter installed will also come with a bat wing attached to the pick-up hose to prevent the hose from curling or moving.

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