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K1 23-PXS Pro-XS Reverse Stitch Nomex Driving Gloves - SFI 3.3/5

  • K1-23-PXS


K1 23-PXS Pro-XS Reverse Stitch Nomex Driving Gloves - SFI 3.3/5

K1 Race Gear's Pro-XS nomex racing gloves have a variety of features that make them superb driving gloves for auto racing and karting. Among these features are reverse stitching, which greatly improves comfort and usability. With reverse stitching, the seams are on the exterior of the glove rather than on the inside, thus eliminating any discomfort that arises from seams coming into contact with your fingers for extended periods of time. As racers ourselves, K1 know that any discomfort, regardless of how insignificant it may appear, can distract you and cause you to lose focus over time, which is why K1 designed K1 Race Gear's Pro-XS nomex racing gloves with reverse stitching. K1 are confident that the Pro-XS will be one of the most comfortable pair of gloves you have ever worn! K1 Race Gear's Pro-XS driving gloves are perfect for professional competition and any racing class that requires the use of nomex racing gloves. K1 understand that to meet the needs of K1 Race Gear's clients, K1 need to offer a full range of racing equipment in addition to K1 Race Gear's line of kart gear, because many of K1 Race Gear's customers compete in a wide variety of motorsport classes. With K1 Race Gear's Pro-XS nomex racing gloves, K1 believe that K1 have driving gloves that are a perfect match for nearly any type of racing, and K1 is confident that you will feel the same way that K1 do as soon as you try them on!


  • SFI 3.3/5 rated for competition
  • Precurved fingers to prevent hand fatique
  • External Stitching For Increased Comfort and Useability
  • Padding on palms and fingers for comfort and durability
  • Provides Excellent Feel of Steering Wheel

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