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Maxima 39-33901 Performance 10W-30 Quart

  • Name: Performance 10W-30 Quart Maxmia Oil
  • Part Number: MAX39-33901
  • Brand: Maxima
  • $9.99

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Maxima Performance engine oil is an exclusive blend of highly refined mineral base stocks and technologically advanced additives. Special anti-wear/extreme pressure additives protect critical engine components from extreme loads and peak temperatures generated by high-performance engines. Advanced, shear-stable polymers resist mechanical break-down and viscosity loss of the oil. Performance delivers increased horsepower, optimum engine cleanliness, reduces wear on bearings, cams, lifters, crankshafts and extends engine life. High Zinc/Phosphorous formula engineered for use in flat tappet and roller element engines.

• Ultra-Pure Mineral Base
• Ultra-High Zinc Formula
• Ultimate Protection Of Critical Engine Components
• Shear-Stable Polymer System Maintains Constant Viscosity

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