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MSD Atomic AirForce LT1 Intake Manifold, Red

  • Name: Atomic AirForce LT1 Intake Man. Red
  • Part Number: MSD2700
  • Brand: MSD
  • $1,314.86
  • List Price: $1,460.95
  • You Save: 10%

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If you're looking for bolt-on power and torque for your new LT1, the new Atomic AirForce intake manifold from MSD is the answer! This all-new polymer intake will increase the performance of stock and modified versions of the Direct-Injected LT1 engine. MSD initiated the clean-sheet AirForce design by addressing the performance shortcomings of the OEM manifold. Through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling, MSD was able to optimize the plenum volume and improve runner layout. Unique bell-mouthed runner openings, optimum runner length, and minimal shrouding ensure maximum airflow and cylinder-to-cylinder balance. The LT1 intake is a two piece molded design which allows for porting and runner modification, while the polymer construction minimizes the weight and reduces the heat absorption. MSD also makes it easy to accommodate power adders by equipping the AirForce LT1 manifold with integral port fuel injection bosses at the base of each runner. The AirForce LT1 intake accepts an OEM electronic throttle body, as well as aftermarket electronic throttles up to 105mm.

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