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MSD Digital 2-Step Rev Control, For Digital 6AL PN 6425

  • Name: 2-Step Launch Control for 6425 Ignition MSD
  • Part Number: MSD8732
  • Brand: MSD
  • $138.95

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Since the new Digital 6AL Ignition uses rotary dials to adjust the rev limiter, our engineers were tasked with developing a 2-Step Rev Control that could be added to give racers the ability to switch to a low rpm limit to use on the starting line. The new 2-Step is also digitally controlled and connects to the Digital 6ALs gray tach output wire. There are two easy to read rotary dials that let you set the launch rpm in 100 rpm increments. There is an activation wire that connects to the transbrake, a clutch switch or to the line-lock to activate the low rpm limit. When that switch is released, the low rpm limit is turned off and the car launches hard!

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