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MSD Ready-To-Run Distributor, Chrysler 400, 426

  • Name: Distributor Chry. 440 426 Ready to Run
  • Part Number: MSD8387
  • Brand: MSD
  • $569.95

Usually Ships In 3-5 Business Days


MSD’s Ready-to-Run Pro-Billet Distributors for Chrysler engines are the perfect upgrade from breaker points or weak electronic ignitions. These distributors feature a maintenance-free magnetic pick-up that accurately triggers the built-in powerful ignition module. This module produces a high-output spark which improves combustion in the cylinder, resulting in quick starts, a smooth idle and great performance. Just beneath the race rotor is a mechanical advance assembly so a timing curve can easily be tailored to match your application. The QPQcoated shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing assembly for stability and endurance while a vacuum advance canister helps increase economy on those long cruises. The Ready-to-Run Distributors are also a breeze to install. Simply drop it in the engine and connect three wires and you’re ready-to-run to your favorite cruise! The front engine mount models are designed in a special small diameter housing to clear aftermarket heads and valve covers.

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