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MSD E-Curve Pro-Billet Distributor for Ford 289/302

  • Name: Distributor Ford 289/302 E-Curve
  • Part Number: MSD8503
  • Brand: MSD
  • $611.95

Usually Ships In 3-5 Business Days


The E-Curve Distributor will drop right in your Ford 289/302 and fire up its performance. The E-Curve Distributor features a digital control module that manages the timing curve replacing the centrifugal advance springs and weights. This module lets you select from nearly 100 different advance curves, including a vacuum advance by turning two rotary dials! You can also set an rpm limit that will protect your engine from overrev damage caused by a missed shift or driveline failure. These distributors are also fit with a high-output ignition module so there is no need to run an external ignition box. This combination makes these distributors ideal for restored muscle cars and street rods to keep a stock or clean appearance under the hood. The E-Curve Distributor is topped with MSD’s Rynite molded cap and rotor and is supplied with a heavy-duty gear and a matching 3-Pin Weathertight wiring harness.

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