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MSD DynaForce Alternator, 120 AMP, Straight Mount, Chrome

  • Name: DynaForce Alt 120 Amp Chrome Strt-Mnt
  • Part Number: MSD5322
  • Brand: MSD
  • $389.95

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Whether you need a high output alternator to power your muscle car, street rod or touring machine, MSD has you covered with the DynaForce Alternator. For the street, MSD offers a 120 or 160 amp one-wire alternator. Not only are they designed for extreme output at higher rpm, but MSD balances the current output to keep your electronic components up to speed during idle and lower rpm operation as well. Both the 120 and 160 Amp alternators feature one-wire installation to keep things clean, easy and effective. The charge post of the alternators is moved to the side of the housing to allow for improved clearance to the block, plus a pulley baffle is included to ensure there is never any fan-to-belt issues (common at high rpm on lesser alternators). The housings are available in four finishes including a natural cast for stock looks, a show quality chrome, black for subtle appearance and a great new satin finish for a smooth finish.

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