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2 Stage Big Shot 100-300 Hp

  • Name: 2 STAGE BIG SHOT 100-300 HP
  • Part Number: NOS02401NOS
  • $1,243.76
  • List Price: $1,381.95
  • You Save: 10%

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Not all race cars can benefit from getting an instant boost of up to 300 horsepower, as is the case with the NOS Big Shot Single Stage systems. This is because the vehicle’s tires and chassis may not be able to cope with the additional horsepower, resulting in a severe loss of traction. To provide for a more gradual application of power, NOS offers highly effective Big Shot Dual Stage systems. These systems incorporate two sets of nitrous and fuel solenoids so that power can be added in two events. The first stage allows the vehicle to leave the line with a moderate performance boost, say 200 horsepower. Then, when the tires are “hooked up”, you can push the button for an additional 400 takeyour- breath-away ponies. This first stage is activated by a throttle switch while the second stage is activated by pushing a button, or optional Precision Delay Timer (15838-VSNOS). Activation of the second stage automatically deactivates the first stage. Two Cheater solenoids control the first stage while a Super Pro Shot nitrous solenoid and a high-output Cheater fuel solenoid control the second stage. A 10 lb. nitrous bottle is standard. Optionally available are a wide variety of NOS electronic controllers. These can be employed, for example, to activate the second stage, while a NOS Progressive Nitrous Controller can be used to actually dictate the amount of nitrous (in percentages of total power potential) and the timing. Actual performance gains will vary depending on the engine’s condition, configuration and jetting of nitrous system. Optional power jets are available for a variety of horsepower settings.

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