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Axial Flow Fogger Nozzle

  • Part Number: NOS13700RNOS
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Annular Discharge Fogger Nozzle (Stainless Steel) - NOS has done it again! The stainless steel Annular Discharge nozzle is the most effective design in the world, The Annular Discharge Fogger® nozzle’s secret lies in specially engineered annular orifices which mix the nitrous and fuel in a radial pattern outside the nozzle tip to provide superior atomization of supplemental fuel as well as more even fuel distribution within the nitrous flow. This new nozzle design produces an even tighter “cone” of nitrous oxide/fuel mixture and provides more precise control of nitrous/fuel ratios throughout the jetting spectrum. It is important to note that the Annular Discharge nozzle shoots out straight, and as such is NOT a direct replacement for the standard Fogger™ or Fogger® 2 nozzles. It is designed to be fitted to the manifold at a very tight angle (much closer to 30° than the normal 90° -but entirely dependent on runner design). Because of the way the Annular Discharge nozzle can be installed, it does not protrude into the intake tract and disrupt flow. The nozzles are made of stainless steel for superior durability.

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