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Teledyne P421 Reseal Kit

  • Part Number: NOS14270NOS
  • $519.95

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The NOS Refill Station is designed for performance retailers in the business of refilling nitrous bottles or racers who use a substantial amount of nitrous oxide. It’s safe, easy, and quick; taking only a minute or two to accomplish. Gone are the days of freezing the receiving bottle overnight in order to get a full bottle the next day. The Refill Station comes complete with all the plumbing, hoses, gauge, valve, fittings, and bottle stand necessary to transfill nitrous from a mother cylinder to the receiving bottle instantly. It runs off your shop’s compressed air and requires no electrical hook-up. NOS publishes a dealer network list of nitrous refill dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you would like to be part of this service, call NOS at 270-781-9741 or visit www.nosnitrous.com

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