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QA1 Spring, Cr-Si High Travel 2-1/2" Id. 12-175/350 Lbs Vari-Rate

  • Name: SPRING CR-SI HIGH TRAVEL 2-1/2 ID 12-175/350 LBS VARI-RATE QA1
  • Part Number: QA112HT175/350
  • $78.95

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High travel coil spring with a 175/350 lb variable spring rate. Made with chrome silicon with a 2-1/2" inner diameter and a 12" length. Available in 7", 9", 10", 12", 14" and 16" lengths, QA1 offers an assortment of high travel springs with a silver powder coated finish. Made in the USA, these 2" I.D. high travel springs are manufactured from specially designed high-tensile, chrome silicon alloy spring wire, which allows them to have fewer coils and a smaller wire diameter. As a result, these springs are lighter and have increased travel due to the larger distance between the coils. These lighter springs reduce unsprung weight and react faster, optimizing suspension performance.

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