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Simpson Carbonx Fire Resistant Underwear

  • SIM20600/1
  • Brand: Simpson Race Products


Simpson CarbonX Fire Resistant Underwear

CarbonX offers excellent protection with amazing fire resistant characteristics, inherent moisture wicking properties and comfort. CarbonX based clothing offers the best protection against the potential extreme conditions that can occur during a race. CarbonX material has been known to last up to 20 times longer than the leading fire resistant fabrics. If a fire breaks out, you'll be glad you're wearing Simpson CarbonX.


  • Designed to deliver the ultimate in base layer thermal protection
  • TPP rating of 13 cal/cm2 and zero seconds after flame
  • Lightweight, patented blend of high-performance fibers
  • Double jersey interlock knit
  • Long or short sleeve crew neck top
  • Color: Black

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