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The Van Alstine V100 Tire Groover

  • Part Number: VANV100
  • Brand: Southwest Speed
  • $394.79
  • List Price: $399.95
  • You Save: 1%

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The G1000HL now has a little brother. Van Alstine Mfg. is introducing the V100 Tire Groover. It may not be able to cut 1” wide by 1” deep like its big brother but it can easily cut any groove from 1/2” on down. Amazingly, it can do this without a bulky power cable or a heavy control box. All the power you need fits into the palm of your hand. It’s handle-only convenience makes it the perfect groover for the racer plus it has the ability to cut truck size grooves with ease. The Van Alstine “V” Series technology minimizes size and weight and maximizes cutting capability. This little giant may not be the G1000HL when it comes to cutting the largest grooves, but it is a less expensive alternative that really gets the job done. It’s perfect for the racer and a great alternative for the trucker.

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