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Weld Wide 5 HS Racing Wheel, 15" x 13", 3" Offset, No Beadlock, Polished

  • Name: 15x13 Polished Wide 5 HS 5x10.25 3 INCH BS NBL WELD Racing Wheel
  • Part Number: WEL571-5313
  • Brand: Weld Racing
  • $267.00

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Weld Racing HS Series 15" Polished Wide 5 Wheel

Weld Racing Wide 5 Wheels are perfect for your dirt late model or modified racing program. Weld Racing continues to shave weight without compromising strength for our line of circle track racing wheels. Choose between Weld's Bead-Loc version or a Roll Forged lip Wide 5 Wheel.

The Wide 5 HS is solid and strong with its 0.190” heavy-duty rim halves and extra thick material throughout the entire wheel. The forged coined lug holes have two patterns to promote longevity and durability. This wheel is built to withstand the roughest race track surfaces. Like the Wide 5 XL, these wheels are offered with a Roll Forged lip in non-bead-loc applications, Bead-locs, and mud covers.

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