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Wilwood 290-0632 Hi-Temp 570 Racing Brake Fluid - 12 Oz Bottle

  • Name: 570 Brake Fluid - 12 oz Bottle (ea)
  • Part Number: WIL290-0632
  • Brand: Wilwood
  • $9.25
  • List Price: $9.96
  • You Save: 7%

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Wilwood’s specially formulated Hi-Temp° 570 Racing Brake Fluid has a minimum 570° F. dry boiling point of to withstand the severe heat requirements of automotive racing. Hi-Temp° 570’s low viscosity allows easy bleeding of your brake system, eliminating aeration of the brake fluid caused by foaming due to excessive pumping of the pedal. Hi-Temp° 570 comes in convenient 12 ounce containers hermetically sealed to guarantee against unwanted absorption of moisture which can drastically lower the fluids boiling point (fluid from larger containers tends to become contaminated with moisture, lowering its boiling point and making it unsuitable for racing applications.

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