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WIX High Efficiency Endurance Spin-On Racing Oil Filter 51061R

  • Name: 13/16-16 28 GPM chevy without anti-drain back valve
  • Part Number: WIX51061R
  • Brand: WIX Filters
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WIX 51061R High Efficiency Endurance Spin-On Racing Oil Filter


High Efficiency Endurance (HEE) oil filters use a media rated at a Frazier airflow of approximately 75 CFM. This media contains a higher resin content than our Advanced Performance oil filters to trap and hold smaller contaminants and provide higher efficiency.

The High Efficiency Endurance filters also include the same component features as the Advanced Performance filters: high burst pressure can, high temperature rubber components, zinc chromate baseplate, metal end caps and spiral center tubes.

WIX has the low down on dirt and their Racing oil filters are ready to trap more dirt, 45 percent more! Your engine needs lots of clean oil to get you across the finish line first and WIX has spent years of researching the effects of racing on filters and decades of manufacturing the best to gain the distinction of being the only filters officially licensed by NASCAR.

WIX Racing oil filters feature special glass enhanced media to catch dirt particles without restricting oil flow to your hungry powerhouse. Plus, a strong steel perforated spiral center tube keeps the flow moving and has the highest collapse strength in the industry.

WIX Racing oil filter have a heavy-duty can and cover to handle the stress of racing and some filters include anti-drainback and filter by-pass valves. If you're a serious racer, these track proven filters are your ultimate choice. Guard your engine from power robbing dirt with WIX Racing oil filters. These filters are designed for racing use only, they are not for street use.


  • Heavy-walled can and cover to withstand the extreme burst pressures (up to 500 psi).
  • High temperature nitrile baseplate gaskets withstand extremely high racing temperatures (up to 300°F).
  • Zinc chromate-plated baseplate provides low surface friction and is corrosion free.
  • Spiral-wound center tube provides increased collapse pressure and enhanced flow pattern.
  • Metal end caps provide element strength and prevent filtering bypass.
  • Individually sealed to protect against contamination by environmental dust or dirt.


  • Thread Size: 13/16-16
  • Filter Height: 5.17
  • Filter OD: 3.6
  • Media Type: HEE
  • Flow Rate GPM: 28
  • Bypass Valve Setting: None
  • Anti-Drain Back Valve: No

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