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Explore Behrent's Performance Warehouse and find strong, high-strength contact adhesives, epoxy, and PTFE tape developed and perfected for racing applications. Wrap, seal, mark, and repair as needed, on or off the track, with PTFE, gaffer's, or multi-purpose racer tape. Find fast-drying spray contact adhesives that offer a tough bond that remains strong even in hot and cold temperatures. Get A/B epoxy for gasket and body repair so you can keep going under extreme conditions on the track. We offer adhesives from the top names in racing, including Allstar, BSC Components, Moroso, and Edelbrock. For quick repairs or temporary solutions, find the racing adhesives and tapes you need at Behrent's.
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What kind of tape is best to put on a race car grill?
Gaffer's tape is a strong adhesive that sticks when you need it and peels off easily without leaving behind any marks or residue.

Can you paint an exhaust wrap?
Yes, you can paint exhaust wrap. Choose a spray coating that helps protect from abrasions and creates a seal that resists liquid spills. Many thermal spray adhesive coatings come in metallic finishes including copper and aluminum.