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Fire Extinguishers

Reduce the risk of a car fire at the track with racing fire systems, extinguishers, mounts, and accessories from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. A fire extinguisher adds an extra layer of safety in the garage on the track where fast cars, combustible liquids, and open flames meet. We carry full fire bottle safety systems with five or ten-pound pulls and mounts that keep fire bottles in place so you can find them quickly. Explore accessories including tubing kits, nozzles, and fire suppression system parts for manual push- or pull-style fire extinguishers. Secure your equipment, tools, gear, and race car when you choose fire extinguishers, mounts, and accessories from Behrent's.
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How do I choose the right size fire extinguisher?
Choose a 10-pound fire extinguisher for the garage or workshop. This large size can handle a garage fire that has the ability to spread quickly.

Keep a two or five-pound fire extinguisher in a car; use mounting hardware to secure it.

How often do I need to recharge a fire extinguisher?
Recharge a fire extinguisher after every use, even if there is still some product left in the bottle. If the fire extinguisher has not been used, recharge every five years. Contact a certified fire equipment dealer for assistance.

How often does a fire extinguisher need to be inspected?
Perform visual inspections on your fire extinguisher monthly:

  • Check the pressure gauge
  • Look for dents, leaks, or corrosion
  • Ensure the pull-pin is still intact
Contact a professional fire protection company for yearly inspections.