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Fire Resistant Socks

Fire-resistant socks for auto racing drivers offer an extra layer of protection while they're behind the wheel, and also feature moisture-wicking properties for added comfort. Protect your feet and ankles against extreme racing conditions with car racing socks made from fire-resistant fabrics, including CarbonX® and Nomex®. Browse Behrent's Performance Warehouse for lightweight, comfortable, SFI-approved racing socks from top auto racing brands.
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What makes racing socks flame-resistant?
Fire-retardant auto racing socks are made from specialty flame- and heat-resistant fibers and materials, including Nomex® and CarbonX®—and sometimes, even melt-proof, flame-resistant merino wool.

Why wear fire-resistant socks for racing?
Many tracks require that drivers wear SFI-approved racing socks: Fire-resistant socks provide an extra layer of protection inside your racing shoes, to create an additional barrier between hazards and your skin. Additionally, moisture-wicking properties keep your feet dry and comfortable while you're at the track.