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Fire Retardant Clothing

Behrent's Performance Warehouse carries a huge inventory of fire retardant clothing and racing suits—including full driving suits, jackets, and pants—as well as the gloves, shoes, head socks, and fire-resistant underwear you need for the track. Upgrade your racing apparel with fire retardant clothing and accessories that offer the latest in safety technology. Find racing suit wash kits and spot cleaners to keep it all in top condition for every race. Shop the industry's best fire retardant racing clothing and accessories from G-FORCE, Impact, K1, RaceQuip, and Simpson.
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What is the difference between fire-resistant and fire-retardant racing clothing?
Fire-resistant fabrics are made from non-flammable materials, so they're unlikely to catch fire. When exposed to high heat, flame-resistant materials do not melt. Fire retardant materials are manufactured using chemical treatments that allow the fabric to self-extinguish.

How do I clean a fire-retardant racing suit?
Always use manufacturer-approved cleaning products when washing your fire-retardant race suit or accessories. Spot cleaners can be used between washes. Specially formulated wash treatments can be used in the washing machine to remove contaminants that may reduce the efficacy of the race apparel's technical fabrics, without damaging the fabric treatments.