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Fresh Air Systems

Clear the air in your racing helmet with quality fresh air systems, fans, hoses, and filters from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. We offer fresh air systems for helmets from the best names in racing so you get optimum performance on the track when it counts the most. Allstar Performance, Simpson, and Bicknell fresh air systems keep airborne contaminants and track dust out of your helmet so you can breathe better, while fans reduce shield fog for clear vision. Keep your cool and press on to the checkered flag when you choose a fresh air system from Behrent's.
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Can you add a fan to any racing helmet?
Yes. You can put a fan or air system into any racing helmet.

Is a top mount helmet air system better than a side mount?
A top mount helmet air system equalizes the air pressure better around the head. But if there is no room for a top-mount system inside the helmet, a side mount system is a good option.