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Gear Bags and Backpacks

Behrent's Performance Warehouse carries durable bags and backpacks to transport your racing equipment and safety gear to and from the track. Sturdy, generously sized storage totes, helmet bags, and backpacks offer plenty of space and extra pockets to carry racing apparel, safety gear, and accessories. Protect your helmet shields from scratches with a microfiber bag that pulls double duty to clean them so they're ready to go for the next race. Protective helmet bags from Simpson, G-Force, and Impact Racing feature heavy-duty outer shells, soft padding inside, and easy-carry handles to make transport a breeze. Haul your scanner and electronic equipment to the track secured inside a large gear bag with extra pockets to store everything from headphones to binoculars safely. Stuff everything into a multi-compartment racing backpack, sling it over your shoulder, and go. Keep your gear, equipment, and accessories close at hand no matter where you're off to next when you choose a racing bag or backpack from Behrent's.
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How do I choose a bag for my racing helmet?
Because there are so many options available, it can be tricky to choose a bag for your helmet. Consider the qualities of a good helmet bag and choose one with the features you prefer.

  • Look for a heavy-duty outer shell that's tough enough to haul from track to track.
  • A soft, lined interior will protect the helmet from scratches.
  • Additional space for an extra shield means you can bring a backup.
  • External pockets are convenient for toting headphones, a hardware kit, and other accessories.
  • A dual-sided bag offers a place for both your helmet and a neck restraint.

What is the purpose of a clear racing backpack?
Most race tracks in the NASCAR circuit require personal items to be carried in a clear bag or backpack, and many small tracks are on board with this policy. Most clear backpacks are made of waterproof vinyl, a bonus for protecting racing equipment when the weather turns.