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Helmet Bags

Carry your auto racing gear between runs with protective racing helmet bags from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. Find padded helmet bags in easy full-zip options, with extra pockets to tuck away the essentials, and divided space to stow race gear and accessories. Keep your extra shields at hand in shield carrying cases designed to store and protect. Browse race helmet bags from top racing brands, including Bell, Simpson, Impact Racing, and G-FORCE.
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How do I protect my racing helmet during travel?
When heading to the track or traveling between races, a padded racing helmet bag is a safe way to transport your helmet, extra shields, and other safety gear. Choose a divided helmet bag to keep your helmet, replacement shields, gear, and accessories separate, but easily accessible.

Can you store a racing helmet in a helmet bag?
Padded bags are intended for transport and temporary helmet storage while at the track, but are not suitable for long-term storage. To prevent damage from excess heat and moisture, a cabinet is a better option for long-term storage, but a breathable helmet bag may be suitable if stored with care.