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Helmet Cleaner Solutions

Keep your helmet fresh, clean, and ready to perform with the premium racing helmet cleaners, fabric deodorizing sprays, polishes, and anti-fog and rain-repellent visor treatments in our collection. Behrent's Performance Warehouse carries trusted and reliable helmet cleaning solutions, including visor and goggle cleaners, helmet liner cleaners, anti-fog sprays, helmet polish, and fabric refreshers. Keep the inside and outside of your helmet polished and odor-free, race after race.
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How do I clean my racing helmet?
Cleaning sprays and polishes can help maintain your racing helmet between uses. Refresh the inside of your helmet with an antimicrobial cleaning and deodorizing spray formulated to gently stop bacteria growth inside helmet linings. Clean and polish your helmet exterior with a spray designed to remove oil, dirt, and debris without scratching or damaging the helmet finish.

What can I use to clean my helmet visor?
To avoid scratches or damage to the finish, always clean your racing helmet visor using mild products and soft cloths designed for visor use. Helmet cleaners and polishes may be formulated for both helmet and visor use; check the label and follow all cleaning instructions for best results.

How do I prevent my racing helmet visor from fogging?
An anti-fog spray treatment can prevent your helmet visor from fogging up and improve visibility. Keep a bottle on-hand for quick application before races for better vision on the track. Rain-repellent treatments work similarly to improve visibility in wet conditions by slicking away rain and water, keeping your vision clearer even in inclement weather.