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Helmet Shields

Keep your vision clear with a top-notch racing helmet shield or visor from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. We stock protective helmet shields and visors in a variety of colors, tints, and styles so you can find the perfect option. Whether you need a replacement for a scratched or damaged visor or want to swap to a tinted shield for the best clarity for day or nighttime races, explore the range of anti-fog, tinted, mirrored, or clear optical-quality polycarbonate shields. We carry options from top brands, including Impact Racing, RaceQuip, and Bell Racing. And don't forget a face shield hardware kit to make helmet installation a breeze.
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What are racing helmet shields and visors made from?
Optical quality polycarbonate is a common racing helmet shield or visor material, preferred for its scratch and impact resistance. Polycarbonate is strong, resists high temperatures, provides clear vision—and is available with anti-fog treatment options as well as in a variety of colors and tints to suit your racing needs.

What color racing helmet visor or shield should I choose?
Racing helmet visor and shield colors are for more than appearance alone: Choose the tint based on your racing needs. The most common visor color uses are: Clear for general use, driving at night, or in low light; light or dark grey tinted for glare-reduction and minimizing harsh sunlight during daytime; mirrored to block even more sun and glare; amber or orange for cloudy, overcast days; or yellow for better visibility in low light such as at dawn or dusk.