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Helmets & Accessories

Explore Behrent's Performance Warehouse to find racing helmets and accessories for head and neck protection. Find race car helmets and helmet skirts, shields, and accessories from the top brands in the auto racing safety industry. We carry the protective race gear you need from top brands, including RaceQuip, Bell, G-Force, Impact Racing, Simpson, and K1 Race Gear. Stay ahead of the game with crew helmets and full-face driver helmets manufactured using exclusive safety materials for lightweight and versatile protection, or with wider fields of vision for a better view while on the track. Keep your focus on the road ahead with racing helmet shields and visor treatments engineered to keep your visor fog- and moisture-free for an unobstructed view. Stay in touch with racing helmet radios, earbuds, and receivers that deliver impressive audio quality for clear communication. When the race is over, keep your safety equipment in top condition with helmet dryers, bags, and cleaning solutions.
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When do auto racing helmets expire?
Because components break down with use and time, and helmet certifications and standards are updated every five years, auto racing helmets expire 12 years after the date of manufacture, or earlier in some circumstances. Consult the manufacturer's guidelines for an exact expiration date. Always replace your helmet after a serious crash, even if it has not yet expired.

What is a racing helmet certification?
Helmets are tested and certified for use under specific circumstances, and the helmet you choose must be rated for your intended use—such as auto racing or karting. Ratings include, but are not limited to, Snell and Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).