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Lubricants, Greases & Compounds

For superior engine efficiency, count on racing gear oils, engine lubricants, greases, and compounds from Behrent's Performance Warehouse. We carry performance-boosting lubricants, greases, and oils from the top names in racing, including Allstar, Comp Cams, Pro-Blend, Winters, and Driven. The right greases, lubricants, and compounds can shield the critical wear surfaces of your engine, reduce operating temperatures, decrease unwanted friction, or add an essential layer of protection during your engine's break-in period. Find an assortment of bearing lubricants, anti-seize compounds, thread and gasket sealants, assembly and chain lubes, and grease cartridges so you'll be fully stocked, loaded, and ready to go on race day.
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What is the difference between engine grease and engine oil?
The biggest difference between engine grease and engine oil is the consistency; grease is thicker. Engine grease is simply an oil base with a thickener added.

What does gear oil do?
Gear oil is formulated with anti-wear additives to protect the gears and bearings in the drive axles, differentials, transmission, gearbox, and take-off units. Gear oil has high viscosity for easy distribution through the engine.

Is it better to use oil-soluble engine grease?
Oil-soluble grease is better in many applications. Oil-soluble grease will dissolve quickly in oil; some non-soluble greases contain a white residue that can break down and plug your oil filter.