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Oils, Fluids & Additives

We know you have performance in mind when it comes to the oils, fluids, coolants, and additives you choose for your car; and Behrent's Performance Warehouse carries products from the top brands in racing to help you accomplish your goals. Synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional oils enhance engine function and keep your race car running in top shape; protective additives help stop corrosion; transmission fluids reduce wear; coolants developed for the high-heat environment of the track prevent overheating. Find the racing oils, coolants, additives, or fluids you need to support every intricate part of your race car—from engine to tailpipe—available from industry favorites Allstar, FOX Racing, Red Line Oil, Driven, and Royal Purple. When it comes to racing oil, fluids, and additives, turn to Behrent's for top-performing options to power your car through any race condition.
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What is the difference between racing oil and regular oil?
The difference between racing oil and regular engine oil comes down to the addition of one simple additive. While the chemical composition in racing oil and regular oil is very similar, racing oil contains higher levels of a special additive that creates a protective barrier in the engine to limit metal on metal contact.

What are the main types of engine coolant?
There are three main types of engine coolant used by car manufacturers: Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT), Organic Acid Technology (OAT), and Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT). Your car's age and manufacturer will determine the best type of racing coolant for your engine.