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Padding & Netting

Explore Behrent's Performance Warehouse and find padding, netting, and safety equipment that meets the strictest requirements. Roll bar padding, window nets, and steering wheel pads from top makers Allstar, G-FORCE, Impact, Jaz, Kirkey, RaceQuip, and Simpson offer plenty of protection without getting in the way on race day. These items work to keep you safer in a collision so you can focus on your performance without worrying about your speed. We carry padding, race car window nets, and steering wheel pads, along with the necessary hardware kits and mounting tabs for a safe installation. Enjoy the ultimate protection with race car padding and netting from Behrent's.
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What is the purpose of a race car window net?
Race cars have window nets to keep a driver's arms inside the car during a collision. A window net can also prevent debris from flying into the car in a crash.

What is roll bar padding made of?Roll cage padding is made of high-density foam. This padding covers the roll cage bars to protect the driver from bruises and fractures if they hit the bar if involved in an accident.